Clc Pram - building steps.

 Hi, Where in clc website / clc forum or some blog can I find buiding steps of clc pram ? Thank you in advance for your replies.

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RE: Clc Pram - building steps.

You can order just the construction manual from CLC for most, if not all, of their sailboats.  Check the website page for the boat you are interested in.  Prices vary, but are quite reasonable considering high quality of CLC's manuals.




RE: Clc Pram - building steps.

Yeah, "the manual's the thing," if I may paraphrase the Bard.  We had two copies (one for my son, so he could have it at his home to study) when we built our PMD.  Pretty much wore 'em both out.  Really good manuals, and they keep getting better.  Highly recommended.


RE: Clc Pram - building steps.

   For most CLC boats, you can buy a manual PDF from their website. For some reason, for Eastport Parm a PDF version is not listed there, but I emailed them before embarking on the build, and they sold me the file.

I am glad I did. It's such a trivial expense compared to the rest of the build, and I confirmed that the project is within my capabilities before committing myself—and also got a list of tools and materials.

RE: Clc Pram - building steps.

   Here are two videos that are listed on the Eastport Pram page

If you need more info, the others above advice is more advanced

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