Skerry inner rail - stubborn screw

The inner rail of my Skerry has cured, and I'm at the step of adding the outer rail.  The instructions say to remove the screw closest to the bow and stern on each rail and fill the hole with epoxy prior to installing the outer rail.  I've removed 3 of 4 screws with no trouble (though I can't figure out any reason to remove these screws), but the fourth screw appears to have broken and won't back out (i.e., it just spins).  Is there any reason to try to drill out this screw, or can I just leave it and epoxy over it?  It doesn't appear to be in the way for rounding the rails, or anything else.

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RE: Skerry inner rail - stubborn screw

   If you remove the screws and fill with epoxy, that portion of the rail will now be solid again. That means you will be able to place the screw(s) for the outer rail anywhere you want without risk of hitting metal or an open hole. Once it's glued in place, you no longer need any screws at all.

But if you can't remove the snapped screw without damaging the wood, I see no harm in leaving it permanently entombed.

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