PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

I am wondering if anyone managed to use a PWC trailer with the Jimmy Skiff II?  Something like the Ironton Jet Ski and Personal Watercraft Trailer Kit From Northern Tool maybe?

Other inexpensive options other than shopping used?


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RE: PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

 My GIS has a very similar shape but is a little longer.  I went with the Continental JB1512.  About $850 before the spare and goal posts.  If Continental does not sell in your area, look for "jon boat" trailers.


RE: PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

   I think it would be too small for a Jimmy Skiff

Here is a pic of aPassagemaker 11 1/2' on one that another member shared.

The JS is 2 feet longer.

By the time you made a longer tongue and bought a winch, you might as well buy the one that MarkN posted

RE: PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

   Thanks guys.

RE: PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

It looks like I can get the Continental JB1512 a 4 hour (each way) drive away.  I may be able to find it close to home, but would need to call around since a google searh didn't turn one up and the boat trailer dealer web sites are vague about what they carry.

The Trailex SUY 220 models sound interesting but cost a little more at about $1050 and probably require some options.  They direct ship.

Academy sports carry the McClain 14' - 17' Single-Axle Aluminum Jon Boat Trailer for $699.99 and are less than a mile from my house.  The reviews all said it was an okay trailer except the lighting kit which failed upon being submerged.

I will have to go look at it, but the McClain sounds like a pretty good option for my needs.

RE: PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

OOPS.  No McClains in stock at any Academy Sports locations anywhere near me.  I'll have to ask if they plan to be getting any or can order.

RE: PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

   I vote for the longer trailer with longer tounge.  I did not like backing the jet ski trailer. Too short and quick to turn. 


I recommend looking for a jon boat trailer. A longer trailer means you won't be dipping your rear wheels in the water so often or blowing bubbles with the exhaust pipe.  You need to call the local dealers and talk to them. They can likley order you a trailer that will work. Big box advise is not advised. 


I launch mine on a rack I built that allows it to be placed on a flat bed trailer, or boat trailer or on a fork lift. I'm fortunate to have those options. The good thing is the JS II is relative light and two people can lift and launch it without getting the trailer wet. Its only when you solo it or carry a lot of gear on the boat when launching. 

RE: PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

You have a point about the JS being light.  I wouldn't completely rule out using a utility trailer and launching the JS with a set of transom mounted dolly wheel or a little dolly that straps under the hull.  The trailer could be a multiuse item that way.  It would be handy since these days I do not own a truck.

RE: PWC trailer for Jimmy Skiff II

   No matter which trailer you get, the lights will fail unless they are LEDS

Even Harbor Freight LED trailer lights last a long time...I have them on several of my trailers

I did notice some new wiring I installed maybe a year ago, corroded very badly.

Upon looking closely, I think it was  copper-plated aluminum wire that has come on the market. I replaced with 100% copper trailer wire

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