new night heron hybrid

Putting the finishing touches on the night heron hybrid rescue boat i built with my newphew over the summer holiday.

it's a rescue becuase it was fabricated from a kit that i picked up early this year from a gentlemen who bought it from CLC in 2010....he had glued up some of the stitch and glue hull....and then said 'i had enough' and there it sat until his wife asked him to clean up the garage.

it turned into a project with my nephew when his college plans got kaibashed due to covid and his mother said do something which he replied  'wanta build a boat' to which his mother replied, "here's your uncle's phone number."

anyway, picture is below.

i do want to say that it pretty interesting taking somebody through the building process.  you forget how much you learned and don't realize it until you work with somebody who hasn't.   anyway, hats off to my newphew Gabe for a job well done and surviving his uncle.

some particulars on the build.  sea green brightside polyurethane hull, mahogony stained western red cedar deck with a whie cedar accent and five coats of varnish, CLC flush hatch system, custom skeg and skeg box built out of carbon fibre over cedar core with the control box nd wire and tubing provided by Nash Boatworks (formerly superior kayaks),  seat by redfish kayaks.   integrated delrin rubstrips so the rubstrip is not proud of the hull...but smooth with the hull surface.  was able to do that because the hull was painted so was able to fare in the rubstrip with micro-balloons. total weight about 43 lbs.   we will be putting full perimeter lines and some other rigging on the hull...but they were not done prior to the picture.'s a good solid effort.   now onto the next build:)




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RE: new night heron hybrid

   very, very nice!

RE: new night heron hybrid

She's absolutely gorgeous!  Lovely color on the hull.  

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