Pre-Kote for exterior

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I'm getting ready to order some finishing supplies for my Skerry and I'm a bit confused. I'll be finishing the exterior with Brightsides and I'm unclear if I should use Pre-Kote primer first.  Looking through the forums, it seems like some people are using it on the exteriors of their boats, but according to CLC's info I should just apply paint directly to the expoxy and skip the primer? Can anyone clarify? Thanks!



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RE: Pre-Kote for exterior

If the folks who designed the boat, selected the materials, sold thousands of them, did tech support for all the tens of thousands of customers who built them, ran classes where these boats were built, etc. said skip the primer, I'd skip the primer.

After all, skipping the primer means they sell you less stuff, so they are literally losing money with that advice. There must be a really good reason to skip the primer .



RE: Pre-Kote for exterior

   Thanks Laszlo. I think what had me confused was that the Brightsides paint carries the same warning, not to be used below the waterline.  CLC states that its ok as long as the boat doesnt "live in the water" for extended periods and I wasn't sure if the same exception applies to the primer. I think I'm going to need all the help i can get to end up with a smooth finish, but it seems like skipping the primer is the way to go.

RE: Pre-Kote for exterior

If you're applying topside paint, such as Interlux Brightsides, you'll want between three to six coats over two coats of primer. - CLC Lighthouse Tender Peapod manual.

If your Peapod will live in the water, or spend more than a week or two in the water, (...). Use herbicidal bottom paint, but follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Don’t use a primer underwater unless it’s one recommended by the manufacturer. - CLC Lighthouse Tender Peapod manual.


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