Northeast Dory with two rowers


For the first time I took the NED out with a rower in the stern position and me at the forward station. It was a special occasion so I re-leathered one of my pairs of oars to accommodate the narrowness of the bow. I arranged them so that the oars ends would miss each other by about 3 inches, to prevent my hands colliding with the daggerboard trunk. Well, that was awkward. I'm generally a strong rower but having that much outboard wood, and the angle of the oarlocks made the experience a lot less fun, and it was a 3 mile tour of the outer harbor of New Bedford with an opposing tide returning. The locks would bounce and clatter against the lock keepers with almost every stroke: noisy! My stern rower did fine, no problems. I'm thinking that perhaps, with two rowers, it would be better just to do stern and middle stations though the weight balance would be off somewhat. I also wondered if a different oars in the forward position might help. Help!

Dory Jim

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RE: Northeast Dory with two rowers


Not sure how much this will help but, my wife and I have been towing tandem lately. She’s stroke, with the 8.5’ spoons. I’m bow with 8’ flats. Stern locks have two more inches between them than bow station. We both have to cross hands on recovery. I repositioned the leathers to be able to overlap Less but still overlap 6"-7". With extra length inboard (relative to gunwale width at solo station) we do tend to get tied up with the oar handles if we’re not careful with stroke length. Having no overlap at the narrow stations would be a pretty low gear!
I’ve worked pretty hard to learn how to row without riding the buttons (collars) in the solo position so the leather position works pretty well in all stations.

So that’s it for what I think. I’ve been meaning to ask someone who knows, what are the implications of moving oarlocks aft an inch or two? Looks like we’d get more room on stroke length/recovery but I’m having a hard time picturing the rest of the geometry. Anyone care to weigh in?

RE: Northeast Dory with two rowers

   My experience is the same as Silver Salt's. I use 8' flats in the forward position and use a staggered recovery with about 6" of overlap. I have to be a little careful to avoid hitting the daggerboard well, but it's something that i get used to quickly. It works out nicely.

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