Northeast Dory Questions

I currently have an old 15' Barnegat Bay Senakbox, a small, flat bottom, gaff rigged wood boat built for the central NJ coastal waters. I believe my boat is from the 1950's.

But the old boat is getting difficult: no one is making sails anymore, some parts are just worn out, there's only tight room for two people, its quite finicky to sail, etc. So I'm considering a Northeast Dory to replace the old boat.

A few questions re: the NED.

  • I plan to use the boat as a day sailer, stored on a trailer. How long does it take to go from trailer to sailing away - I'm thinking of the sloop rig.
  • What is the recommended wind speed range for the NED?
  • Is the NED good for one person sailing - or is two better?
  • Can the boat be moored during the summer, or should it be removed from the water between uses?

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RE: Northeast Dory Questions

   1. I have the lug-rigged NED. I back it up to the water. Remove the cover. Tip the mast into its slot. Put the oars in the oarlocks. Back the trailer into the water. Slide the boat off and pull it up on shore. Park the car and trailer. Push off, fit the rudder, drop in the daggerboard, raise the sail, and off I go. How long does that take? Not long. 5 - 10 minutes?

2. Wind speed can be 5 - 20. I love sailing in the 10 - 15 range and enjoy the bigger gusts if the lake is warm enough to make potentially capsizing acceptable.

3. It's best as a one person boat, but is fine with two adults. I've even sailed with two adults and two children.

4. I treasure my dory so it stays in the garage, and my Jeep has to live outside. Leaving it in the water would add more risks, more repairs, and more frequent refinishing.

It is truly a wonderful boat. I highly recommend the lug rig. It is easy to raise and can be stored entirely in the boat if you have to drop sail and row for any reason.

RE: Northeast Dory Questions

   One more thing: my sail dos not have reef points. All new sails do and should be able to handle higher winds.

RE: Northeast Dory Questions


Thanks very much for the helpful reply. I'm looking forward to having a NED of my own.

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