How do I make a hot pink polyurethane?

I'm building a Cocktail Racer for my 16 yo daughter, and of course she wants it to be hot pink. As odd as it may sound, this is not one of the standard colors. Other than buying a white and a red can of Brightside, are there any other options? What makes one pink "hotter" than another shade?


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RE: How do I make a hot pink polyurethane?

I would try home depot. If you ask really nicely they might tint Brightsides for you. They did for me at least. The gal there told me I would have to buy it even if I didn't like the color, which was fair enough.

Who says you can't charm your way through life?


RE: How do I make a hot pink polyurethane?


  You will do very well with your idea of mixing white and red brightsides. 22 years ago I named my navy blue snipe "Mr. Bubble" (lost a practical joke war, when my advesary filled the cockpit of my boat with two bottles of liquid Joy. down right dangerous. Later, when bubbes where still being generated by the rachet block, she got the name). 

I mixed red and white Testor's enamel paint (model paint) to a hot pink. The name and mr bubble logo stay pink for decades!! Don't be afraid of mixing, just be aware that very little white will make red become pink. Also, after doing a very small trial batch to get the hang of it, mix a large enough batch to paint the boat all one shade of pink!!!

You do have a live in color consultant, your daughter, to help get the shade of pink 'correct'.

Your daughter will be thrilled. Does she have a name for her pink yacht?


RE: How do I make a hot pink polyurethane?

���Or go to a hot rod shop. The same pigments used in the Imron they use on cars should work in single part poly like Brightside. Maybe they can even set you up with a pearlescent pink. Yum.

RE: How do I make a hot pink polyurethane?

Mix your paint REALLY well so the left over paint you have saved in one of CLC's StopLossBags will allow you a perfect color match for future repairs.


RE: How do I make a hot pink polyurethane?


Thanks for the advice, everyone!

Leaves me with a few questions thougth:

1) Home Depot doesn't sell Interlux (They do sell Duralux). Are you saying that I should just bring my cans of Brightsides to them to use their mixing machine?

2) Can Imron be used to tint Brightsides without affecting its usablitiy ? My understanding is that Imron is a 2-part polyurethane, and requires expertise and special equipment to apply?

It would be nice to take the boat down to the local motorcycle custon shop,put a flame job on the bow, maybe a few skulls and cross bones..... ($$$$)






RE: How do I make a hot pink polyurethane?

   Sorry I meant to say Rustoleum Topside. It is bright white and I had them tint this. Since I am a freshwater sailor it has help up great. This will probably strike the ire of some salties out there.

RE: How do I make a hot pink polyurethane?

���I was just figuring that the same pigments that they would use to color 2 part poly would work for one part oil poly. A shop could sure tell you. In fact, with fiberglass big boats some use Imron on them when having pro paint jobs. Heck find a nice shop and maybe they give you a good price on a pro spray job on your Racer.

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