Pre-Kote turned to Gum!?!?

Hi All,


 I have been building a Chester Yawl over the past 4 years. Yesterday I applied a coat of Pre-Kote (as the directions suggest) in preperation for the brightsides final coats.

Now, I live in Houston so it was 90+ deg and 80+% humidity when I applied the PreKote. I read the instructions and some forum posts, so I understood that the material absorbs moisture. I never guessed it would be this bad though. tonight i went to sand the pre-Kote and it was like rubbing gum around. HORRIBLE! after MANY sanding discs nad much time, I just stopped discouraged. I was expecting an easy sanding powerdery substance. what I found was the opposite.

I actually could scrap off the Pre-Kote like it was wall paper paste that had not dried yet using a scrapper. This may be what I do for the rest of the hull.

I'll post pictures after I figure out how....

any suggestions?

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RE: Pre-Kote turned to Gum!?!?

How to post photos

How long has it been since you applied the primer?

Have you tried contacting CLC directly, rather than just posting on this forum?  The forum is mostly we builders talking amongst ourselves and sharing our experiences to help each other. CLC browse this forum when they have time, but will respond to to a customer service request immediately (during business hours). It's part of what you paid for when you bought the kit/plans and they take it very seriously.

There's Contact Us and Customer Service links at the top of the page. Give it a try. Annapolis during the summer is just as bad as the conditions you describe and these guys have built hundreds of boats there.

Good luck,



RE: Pre-Kote turned to Gum!?!?

i  sympathize.  i  decided  to coat  the  inside  of  my  pram  with  CETOL  not  varnish  after the  MAS  epoxy  work   was  done.i   called  CETOL, i  called  MAS --both  tech  suppport  lines  said '  go  ahead  i  don't see  why  not.  WELL:  they  were  both  wrong as  could  be. the  CETOL  turned  to a  molasses  consistency.  fans  did  not  help,  after  3  weeks  it was  still  gummmy. (applied   in a  cool  PA  basement of  64  degrees...)


i  had   no  choice  but  to  scrape  off  all the  CETOL  with  japanese  cabinet  scrapers.  it  took  months.  it  was  VERY  depressing. after  scraping  off  ALL the  cetol,  i  was  ready  to  clean the  inside  and  appply  another  coat  of  MAS  'just  to  be  sure.'  fortunately  my  CLC  skerry  w  varnish  interior  was  on  hand  to  get  me  out on the  water  to   forget the  wretched  pram mess. and  i  thought  i  was  saving  time  by  not  having  to  varnish the  pram... what  a  mistake. 


you'll  find the  gum  clogs  the sanding  discs  too  much. be  prepared  to  scrape.  i'd  call  interlux  and  complain  ,  ask  whether  any  chemical  product  will  soften the  pre-Kote  and  make  it  less  gummy  for  removal.

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