Lovely 17" LT Kayak

Built  lovely CLC 17' touring kayak  in the Annapolis shop, several years ago.  It has skid strips fore and aft, flush hatches, also adjustable foot pegs. So pretty that I have used it half a dozen times in fresh water. $1300 or Best Offer for a Good Home.  412-480-8940 for pictures and further details

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RE: Lovely 17" LT Kayak


1/  can  you  email  pictures ?   to :

2/  can a  150 #  woman   paddle  this  boat ? we're looking  for  one that  both a  $150#  f  and a  200#  m  can  both  use.   3/   did you car  top  it ?  







RE: Lovely 17" LT Kayak


The official paddler weight range is given in the kayak comparison chart as  160 - 220 lbs, but the description page says 140 - 220 lbs. Either way, he is definitely in the fit range while you are either in it or just below. Just below is the right way to miss. It can be fixed with ballast, which is much easier than amputation.

For that matter, the builder doesn't give the boat weight. if the build ended up on the heavy side, there could be no problem at all for you.

17LTs are routinely cartopped, so you're OK there, too.

Good luck,


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