This has easily been the most exciting winter to be a CLC voyeur!  Watching progress on the Guider is a daily pleasure to check in on.  Seeing the Lighthouse Tender (Peapod) come to fruition has been making me reevaluate how big of a boat I can theoretically build in my basement and still get up the steps.  

When I designed and built my house I made sure I could get up to a 14' kayak through the outside door and up steps.  I later fell in love with the Tenderly and hope to build one to teach my girls to sail in a few years (4 and 10months, I've got some time still).  The Lighthouse Tender may have stolen my heart away from the Tenderly....  I would choose it over the shorter brethren, if I can calculate to still be able to get it up the steps!!  

This has gotten me thinking about the relationship between both of those little boats and the Guider.  I remember reading John Harris mention the Peapod development from Skerry, to Tenderly, to Peapod (Lighthouse Tenderly) in design concept and ability to build with Lapstitch design.  This has me pondering the Guider, but with the back few feet cut off to a Flat Stern, maybe 14-14.5' LOA.  I love the ability for two people to sleep in the Guider with 6'6" of space (I'm 6'3", and it's what has me won over in this design over the SW Dory.  If I'm gonna build something bigger, the potential to sleep overnight is key.  That said, I'd likely have to build it outside under a canopy regardless, because that's a big boat even if you cut the back off, and no way it could be carried up the stairs...  it would probably take just as long to build and almost as much material, so you might as well build the full design (plus I can't yet afford the ability to commission such an idea <= key detail).  Just got me thinking, and I thought I'd share.  Love pondering about boats, and thankfully CLC never quits inspiring- 

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RE: Guider...Tenderly?!?

The Guider is interesting, but where do you sit when sailing?  On the sole? The side decks?

RE: Guider...Tenderly?!?

On the benches, with your feet in the well (which is behind the centerboard).



RE: Guider...Tenderly?!?

I don't see any benches on the drawings or on the shop cam.  This makes me think that you are intended to sit on the sole with your feet in the well.  Am I missing something?

RE: Guider...Tenderly?!?

   The sole as you are calling it becomes the cockpit seats as I see it. You are correct, which to me is better than sailing "Butt in the Bilges style " which become uncomfortable after a while for some.

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