Wood Duck Hybrid Deck

What does experience say is the best time to trim the stripped deck?  The manual references leaving a 1/8 - 1/4" overhang when stripping, but doesn't really clarify when to plane it to fit...1) before removing from the molds, 2) after under deck glasswork, but before final re-installation, or 3)after epoxying the deck back on, but before finishing the deck?  I can see pluses and minuses in all the options.  Other ideas?

I've got a few other boats under my belt, but would like to see what folks have found building this, or similar models before I move ahead




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RE: Wood Duck Hybrid Deck

 I trim the deck after it is glued on the hull but before doing deck glass.  There is always some squeeze through/drips from installing the deck that will have to be removed anyways.  

RE: Wood Duck Hybrid Deck

ditto marks comments.

my personal preference is to trim things pretty much to their final shape when everything is still on the mold...so that when i attach the deck to the hull i actually know how to align it.  (when you actually do attach the deck to the hull...the forms are not longer there....so if you have large, inconsistent overhangs....i am not sure how you would know how to properly line up your deck/hull seam)

that said, i would focus on the alignment along the plane of the hull side peices for that (so you can accurately align the deck to the hull) but not worry about 'rounding the deck over into the hull until the deck/hull are attached.




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