Wherry Tandem Hand Carry

I'm not sure of the best way to outfit my wherry tandem with carry handles. The boat will weigh quite a bit with the seats installed, so it'll take two of us to carry it off the trailer into the water. Can anyone show me a pic of an elegant solution? I loathe to drill holes in the boat for carry toggles. Thanks!

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RE: Wherry Tandem Hand Carry

   Float it off the trailer? That's what I do most of the time.


If there's no boat launch around, front person grabs the front breasthook - and rear person grabs the transom knees. They all make good handholds.


Get a Seattle Sports boat cart.  It's foldable, lightweight, and you could carry it aboard during your outing. Perfect for one person if you ever go solo rowing.

All three solutions work well for me.

RE: Wherry Tandem Hand Carry

   Thanks, John, all good suggestions, I'll have to take another look at the boat ramp at the reservoir. We have to hand carry our kayaks a ways into the water to launch due to the poor design. 

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