spotted Chesapeake 16

Before applying the fiberglass to the deck of a Chesapeake 16 I put a "base coat"of epoxy and let it dry. I now have several spots ranging in size from a dime to an orange that are lighter in color. I tried sanding one spot and thought I had blended it in. After applying another layer of epoxy I only made it worse. I hate to think that I am facing sanding the entire deck down. Any advice on how to eliminate the spots and/or what could have caused them?


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RE: spotted Chesapeake 16


Sounds like some kind of contamination, maybe.


RE: spotted Chesapeake 16

   I sanded most of them out. I am thinking that it has to do with the epoxy. I am getting down to the bottom of the bottle. Even when sanding the epoxy flakes off instead of becomng dust.

RE: spotted Chesapeake 16

Flakes huh?

Something underneath's prevented any kind of bond between what those flakes were when it was applied and what's underneath.

How did you prep the surface before you applied the layer that's now flaking?

What kind of conditions (temp, humidity) do you experience in your work area before / during / after a session mixing then applying epoxy?

What happens with the areas that don't show this difference in surface appearance, you get dust when sanding, not flakes?

Picture(s) sure would help here....   

RE: spotted Chesapeake 16

As soon as I figure out how to post pics I will do so.

I worked on it again today and noticed that 120 grit is a little too much. On my last boat I had no problems using 120. I ended up using 220 and they lasted no time at all. Better than cutting all the way through and having more issues.  I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel. But I  would still like to know what caused the issue.

I cleaned the surface with a clean rag and alcohol before applying epoxy. I've been doing the same when I have sanded down and it seems to be helping. There is only one layer per sa but some areas are flaking, some not. I saw less flkaing today. The flaking is all over not neccessarily in the lighter spots.

Conditions..I have an unheated garage so it is pretty much whatever the outside temp is. The past week has been 75-80 for highs and 50-60 for lows and probably 40-50% humidity. Never had issues before in similar conditions. I'm using medium speed hardener.

Don't know if it has anthing to do with the situation but I noticed tonight that a lot of the spots are behind the coaming. Between the coaming and the hatch. I'm wondering if it is either my body oils or maybe something (hardener) I had on gloves while working with the coaming. There are a couple of spots that I really don't think this is the case. One of the pics shows what I mean.

RE: spotted Chesapeake 16

   Not sure if this will work. 


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="spot1 photo IMG_1552.jpg"/></a>



RE: spotted Chesapeake 16

   spot2 photo IMG_1553.jpg

RE: spotted Chesapeake 16

   spot1 photo IMG_1552.jpg

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