The real truth about amine blush?

I am a longtime woodworker but have never worked with epoxy. The MAS products claim to be blush free. System3 has a product called Silver Tip which claims to be blush free. What's the real truth? I am looking at the Passagemaker kit but it seems crazy to ship epoxy to the west coast of Canada. I have access to System3 about an hour away so that would make sense dollar wise. I can also order MAS products from about 500 miles away but in Canada, so that is also an option. Is the problem of amine blush a big one or somewhat overblown?


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RE: The real truth about amine blush?

When it happens, it's a big deal, otherwise it's not. If you get blush, you have to clean it off or risk bond failure. Unless you use a non-blush epoxy, the safest thing to do is assume that there's blush and clean the layup. Blushless epoxies save you a ton of labor cleaning off blush.

I've not used MAS, but have over 10 years experience with Silvertip. It's never blushed. If I lived an hour from System3, I'd definitely buy my epoxy there. (I actually live 1/2 hour from CLC, so I shop there, instead).



RE: The real truth about amine blush?

   Thanks very much for your sage advice. 


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