CLC Tandem sail

This is a one-of-the-kind CLC 21' tandem sail, that I had professionally built about 15 years ago including the sailrig(amas and akas). Since then I have made a number of improvements. the most recent being the adaption of the Hobie Adventure Island mast step, mast, and fully battoned, roller-reefing main. It is now not only a fast boat to paddle ,but especailly to sail. It points well going windward and speeds approaching 10kts are possible. It has two tramolines which I have used very little. I recently had the original Lightcraft rudder completely shear off and am now installing the CLC sailing rudder system. I am reluctantly selling because the boat is too heavy to lift on and off the truck racks as my wife and are in the mid-70's. Asking $4500 OBO. Contact or 970 222 6812

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