Leaking Sea-Lect Hatch

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I've been paddling my Petrel SG for about 7 months now and am sincerely disappointed in the rear hatch, which lets in a significant amount of water in only mildly lumpy conditions.

This is the 17-1/4" x 10" oval hatch. The hatch rim is seated well in the Petrel's recessed hatch ring, and neither it nor the hatch itself have mars that might compromise the seal. Since observing the issue I've been careful to laign hatch and ring arrows when sealing the hatch, with no improvement.

I've contacted Sea-Lect about this and am also posting here to see if others have experienced this issue and / or know of a resolution. I've heard nothing but great things about this system and while nothing can be guaranteed waterproof, this particular hatch lets enough water in while surfing or in lumpy water to actaully affect the boat's stablility.


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RE: Leaking Sea-Lect Hatch

  I had a similar problem with the front hatch on my PP.  I found it to be the seal between the hatch base and the wood hatch recess.  I added a bead of silicon around the outside of the base and that solved the problem.


RE: Leaking Sea-Lect Hatch

   In my case with my Petrel Play I also had a problem with the front hatch. The M5200 with which I glued down the hatch ring had opened up and it turned out that it hadn't formed a connection with the hatch ring, which I could easily remove entirely from the boat. It took me three days to get the remaining glue of the boat and than I decided that I hated the M5200 so much that I glued the hatch ring down with thickened (white) epoxy.

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