CLC Dory Update???

What is the current status of the CLC Dory prototype?  It looks like it has been a few weeks since the last ShopCam update.  Looks like a great project!

CLC Dory

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RE: CLC Dory Update???

I would love to know too!

RE: CLC Dory Update???

Check out the Live Shop Cam. The thwart supports were installed yesterday. The monkey is keeping vigilant watch......

George K.

RE: CLC Dory Update???

So, is that 'monkey' a descendent of the gorilla from The Zen of Wooden Kayak Building DVD?


 I guess that my corporate network blocks the streaming video, so I can only see the Live Shop Cam from my home PC.  Probably a good idea.  I must stay focused.  I must stay focused.  What was I saying?  Okay, back to work!

Take your time

Sorry - I am almost pleased there is no new information. The Dory is very interesting to me. But I have already purchased the PM plans, changed my mind and swapped them for the Skerry. I had better make sure I cut some wood soon to commit myself before being lured by the Dory.


RE: CLC Dory Update???

I just happened to be in Annapolis yesterday, so I stopped into the CLC showroom. Besides making some impulse purchases, I also had a chance to see the dory prototype. My first impression is that it's huge. That boat has a lot of room in it for passengers and gear. It's also quite light for its size - very easy to pick up one end off the sawhorses. It'd be an easy 2-person carry. I was surprised at that, since the scantlings are pretty beefy.

They're also tarting it up real pretty. The laminated solid wood seats are visually very appealing.

Finally, 2 words in the unsubstantiated rumors department - electric propulsion.



RE: CLC Dory Update???


Thanks for the non-partisan, 1st person, first impression report on the dory prototype.  I saw that new pictures were posted in the ShopCam archives.  I like the look of the laminated thwarts.


RE: CLC Dory Update???

Any news on the dory?  I noticed the shop cam archives haven't been updated in over a month now.  I would love to see some more photos of how the prototype turned out.  

 I would check the live cam, but for some reason it doesn't work for me.   

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