strip built Kaholo 12' 6"

Hello all, 

I've ordered the plans for the 12' 6 Kaholo along with the precut frames. I'm hoping to strip build the whole board.  I've seen in previous posts that some have built strip panels and then proceeded the build as a stitch and glue, using the strip panels instead of the plywood.  I've built several strip-built boats I wondering about the feasability of using the internal frames as "stations" and build the whole thing using the strip method.  Given the flatness of the deck and hull I assume I would have to leave the frames in for strength.  Has anybody tried this and know of something I need to look out for?



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RE: strip built Kaholo 12' 6"

Hello Mark,  I built the 14 ft SUP and used 1/4 inch strips.  After building the panels  I used the stich and glue method.  It was rather difficult to get the bow end to come together, panels did not want to bend.  I used six ounch cloth and wish I would have used three ounce cloth instead.  the interior forms are very necessary for strength. The inside of the sup only gets epoxy resin and no cloth, which is different from building strip kayak or canoe.   Any questions email me,  Good luck, Eddie

RE: strip built Kaholo 12' 6"

Hmmm... not sure I'm following you entirely but I think: A) you'd need a offsets to know where to add a strongback or extended stringers (to properly align the forms) if you wanted to build it as you would a stripped kayak, B) you definitely need the internal frames/stringers for strength, and C) given the "hard chine" design, I don't think there's much aesthetic reason to try to avoid the strip-stitch-and-glue method in favor of a purely stripped craft.

The designs I've seen that are stripped to a frame seem to have several more frames (perhaps to counter the lack of interior glass).

Good luck!


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