3D printing deck fittings

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Love some feedback on this before i build them into my Chesepeake 17LT kayak. Obviously not something you want to replace often, so feedback in advance would be useful. Have got some UV proof ABS to print them, so should last ok.

Kayak fitting

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RE: 3D printing deck fittings

Interesting. I'm assuming that you're using solid fill? My main concerns would be the fatigue life of the crossbars and the ABS-to-wood bond strength. Is there some kind of a lip on the outer cone to keep it from being pulled through the hole?

If I was doing this, I'd make up a fitting, mount it in wood, hang a swinging weight equivalent to the entire weight of the boat from it and let it swing until the fitting breaks or enough time has passed that I feel comfortable about putting it in my boat.

Cool idea, wish my printer would print ABS (it only does PLA). Good luck,



RE: 3D printing deck fittings

   I can definitely see the required lip.

As Laslo says, fatigue could be an issue with the crossbar.

Maybe consider increasing the radii where the bar meets the body. Redesign as a 2piece unit that allows a stainless steel pin to be used.

What type of adhesive will you use?  Cheers




RE: 3D printing deck fittings


Like the idea of using a stainless pin. Would also make it smaller. Currently the bar is 10mm diameter. 

Was not so concerned about fatigue as item only under stress for a few minutes every weekend. Important not to overtighten lines in rest state.

For glue was assuming epoxy would be ok. I normally roughen surfaces with a file before gluing. Given most likely force is compression I hadn't considered this much. Does epoxy and ABS match? ( actual filament is ASA, dedicate of ABS).

RE: 3D printing deck fittings

Just remember that a fully loaded kayak with camping gear weighs two to three times as much as it normally does. My C-17 took four of us to pick it up one weekend.  (we ate good though)   

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