Should I sand cured expoxied fiberglass or not?

I am building the NE Dory and applied the epoxied fiberglass more than a month ago but was unable to apply any additional coats at that time.  I searched the forum but could find no conclusive opinion on whether I  should sand prior to the second coat with 220 or scotch brite or just apply the second and subsequent coats without sanding.

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RE: Should I sand cured expoxied fiberglass or not?

  I checked the MAS epoxy website [should have done this before posting] and found the answer.

What is the recoat time?

Since epoxies from MAS are 100% solid (no solvents), recoat time can be as short as it takes to achieve surface tack. If more than 12 hours passes between coats, do a light scuff sand.  Use a cotton ball to test if a light scuff sand is needed. If the epoxy holds the hair of the cotton ball, you can recoat without sanding. If it doesn't, a light scuff sand will help adhesion between coats.  Remember the "Rule of Thumb" test (if you can press your thumbprint in the epoxy, but there's no tack, then you should do a scuff sand

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