Why no centerboard offerings?

Those of us interested in building a CLC sailboat and living in areas where a daggerboard is a burden would greatly benefit if CLC offered a centerboard option for their plans/kits. The Skerry Raid has a centerboard which could probably be used in the original Skerry instead of the standard daggerboard. It wouldn't take a great deal of effort to offer the CB on the Passmaker etc. I understand that the centerboard requires more work and somewhat complicates the build for first time builders... but not that much work and would offer those of us with very thin water  better sailing.

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RE: Why no centerboard offerings?

   There was a discussion with some diagrams shortly after I built my NE dory. It looked very doable; might have been that one was built but I can't find it now. Maybe your search will be better or someone remembers. i would like to put one on mine. Barry

RE: Why no centerboard offerings?

I came across a discussion of the subjec somewhere on this site but don’t recall the page. Basically, if I remember correctly, John H. described the issue having to do with the center of effort of CB vs. DB. The daggerboard is raked aft quite a bit and center of effort falls somewhere under the center thwart. A CB would interfere with the thwart, compromise the rowing position and move the center of effort too far forward making it impossible to achieve neutral helm. Sorry, best I can do from memory.




RE: Why no centerboard offerings?

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RE: Why no centerboard offerings?

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RE: Why no centerboard offerings?

You're not going to get any arguments from me over the advantages of centerboards in shallow water.  Where it makes the most sense, I've specified a centerboard.  The Southwester Dory, PocketShip, Outrigger Junior, Faering Cruiser, Skerry Raid, CLC Faering, and NanoShip all have pivoting centerboards.

Those seven designs have something else in common:  they are an order of magnitude more complex to build compared to our most popular sailing designs:  the Northeaster Dory, Skerry, Passagemaker, Eastport Pram, and Jimmy Skiff.

You can build about five daggerboard trunks in the time it takes to execute a good centerboard arrangement. On balance, I think it's a worthwhile trade-off. The simple boats tend to get finished and used, and that's that.

It's worth observing that the four most popular small sailboats in the world are all daggerboarders: the Sunfish, the Laser, the Optimist Pram, and the Snipe.  I grew up sailing three out of four of those and managed in shallow water just fine.

As far as simply plugging a centerboard into place instead of a daggerboard...it's more complicated than that. Centerboards take up a lot of room in the interior compared to a daggerboard. As it happens, swapping in a centerboard would be so disruptive to the interior layouts of our daggerboard boats as to be all but impossible. The diagram below walks you through my thinking on the Northeaster Dory, and how that boat came to have a daggerboard.

The Skerry Raid comes up, but it's the exception that proves the rule: it's not a stock Skerry with a deck and a centerboard trunk. It has a completely different hull shape and rig, and the interior has been designed around the centerboard.

(Click to embiggen.)

Daggerboards Versus Centerboards

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