Passagemaker boat bling


I thought I'd share some of my boat bling for my Passagemaker - now getting ready for sea-trials.

This first picture shows the oarlock and sockets.  I had the bronze oarlocks & sockets chrome plated at a local shop and then used chrome plated bronze hex head machine screws w/ captive nuts in the Sipo riser.  The horizontal machine screws use chrome plated acorn nuts.  Also visible is a cove that I planed into the rubrail.

The second picture shows the gunnel guard or 1" nylon double braid epoxied into the cove.  I tried to be careful to ensure the upper and lower portion of the cove were varnished and only the center of the cove was epoxied to prevent UV degradation, assuming the nylon rope itself sufficiently blocks the UV.

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