Spaced Inwale Varnish Input

I'm looking for any insight or tips folks may have for varnishing the many 1/2" openings associated with spaced inwales on the Peeler.  I've done a great deal of varnishing in the past, but I'm always looking for the coolective genius of others...brushes, techniques, etc

Thanks, Mike

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RE: Spaced Inwale Varnish Input

   Sand with little blocks of wood wrapped in stick it paper,  a paint stir stick wrapped in paper works nice too, just wrap the bottom few inches, a dremel for any thickened epoxy white globs, use the smallest foam brush, it fits nicely in the spaces.  Run a drip strip of tape under the inwale.  I use rapid clear from Epifanes for the first 3-4 coats, you don't have to sand between coats, then finish with gloss one or two coats.  Then do it all again as needed after a few months in the sun and salt!  

RE: Spaced Inwale Varnish Input


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