drain plug/dory winter storage

I know this has been discussed before but I'm going to open it up again. I'm storing my dory upright on the trailer under my carport. It is enclosed on 2 sides, minimal rain and blowing snow will get on top of it. I have the CLC canvas cover on it with raised battens to shed the water, no pooling noted. The drain plug is out, there was some water on the floor, maybe less than 4 oz.  Will this moisture damage and blister the floor Brightsides paint by springtime?? I was not planning to put another tarp on it because the stock canvas seems to breath better. I will revarnish and paint the hull in the spring. Thanks for the thoughts.

PS, my plug is just aft of seat 3 on the floor. Next time I would put it midline on the transom . I did not want to use a self bailer because of leakage problems in my sandy beaches.

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RE: drain plug/dory winter storage

The canvas cover and car port should eleimate rain water or snow melt from entring the interior of the boat but it will not stop condensation in the open sections of the boat anc the sealed sections. You should have access portals to these sections and they shoul be open. As to the drain plug, it shoul be as close to the lowest part of the stored boat as possible.You may need to raise or lower the trailer tounge as needed and maybe even raise one of the trailer's wheels to achive this. You might not get all of the water to drain but you should get the bulk of it out. You need to make sure that the fiber glass around the drain plug is not missing or cracked and you might occasionly on abovefreezing days check to see that no or little wate is accumulting and possibly use a spouge to remove any amounts of water not draining.


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