Refinishing my Kaholo - any tips?

My Kaholo is now looking a bit worn from 3 years of service and I'm thinking of refinishing it. I'm also hoping to correct some of the mistakes made when I first finished (like not realizing the varnish had a golden tint to it!) Is there a safe/best way to refinish a board? I was going to use the finest sandpaper I can find on my random orbital sander and gently sand it down and then apply new paint and varnish. 

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RE: Refinishing my Kaholo - any tips?


  It  sounds as if you are right on track for refinishing your Kaholo.  Every Spring I refinish my board.  I remove all the hardware, give it a light sanding and refinish it..  I use a random orbital sander non the flats with about 22o grit and hand sand the edges, shear and chine being careful not to cut through to the resin/glass.  I have not varnished any of my boards.  Instead I use a clear linear polyurethane.  I like  Awlgrip products.  Some of the Awlgrip products are three parts.  Awlgrip has a new product called AWLWOOD which is single part and perfectly clear.  You can put it over old cured varnish.  It is very durable.  check it out.  I apply with a foam brush.  Between coats I sand with a Scotch Brite pad.  



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