interlux flattening agent

Has anyone used Interlux flattening agent with Brightside 1-part poly paint? After 2 coats of glossy Brightside on my Peeler, I'm not pleased with the results. I've spent hours sanding in preperation before and after the Prekote primer.EVERYTHING shows!!!! Every ding and run or pinhole stands out. I thought maybe a satin finish would help the situation. Are there any negatives adding the flattening agent? I've done alot of painting in my time and I think I could do better with a good paint brush. All of the rails and other corners add to the problem with the roller.  Thanks in advance, Ken.

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RE: interlux flattening agent

I forgot to mention, I'm in the process of painting the outside of the hull (dark blue).   Thanks, Ken.

RE: interlux flattening agent

   I just finished the inside of a Dory using the flattening agent with Hatterus White. I went heavy with the flattening agent to a 1:1 ratio by volume. I needed a full 3 coats to cover. I also used Interlux surfacing putty on the outside of the hull which is gloss black. feathering the surface putty was a lot of sanding but did work well. look for Dick Dowdell's comments and posts as he gave me good advice from his Peeler build. I really like the flat look inside the boat. It worked well for me, but I used more flattening agent than I thought I needed.

RE: interlux flattening agent


I'm not sure that a flattening agent will solve your problem, but here's the link to the advice Jacardan2 mentioned:

Dark colors tend to show imperfections more than lighter colors.  I used a combination of a Bondo-like marine filler putty and Interlux Pre-Kote high-build primer to prep the surface before applying the Interlux Brightsides.  I pretty much followed the advice in the CLC Tips for Boatbuilders on Painting with Marine Polyurethanes and I was very satisfied with the results.  Some important points about Pre-Kote:

  1. Apply it only in dry weather,
  2. Sand most of it off --- its job is to fill imperfections --- Brightsides sticks to epoxy just fine without it,
  3. Get the Brightsides on it before the weather turns damp.

Hope this helps,


RE: interlux flattening agent

I have used the flattening agrent with good success.  The only downside as noted above is that it thins the paint considerablly requiring more coats to cover. I will be doing this on the inside of my Peeler and plan to apply an initial coat as received with only the second coat with the added flattening compound.

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