tape residue

I am just getting back to my Expedition Wherry after parking the project for the winter and am sanding in preparation for varnish.

Does anyone know how to remove packing tape residue from the epoxy? I had thought it would sand off but it just gums and collects sand. I tried a plastic scraper and it gets most of it but there still seems to be a film. It is very tenacious!! I am reluctant to use solvents as I am afraid they may affect the adherence of the varnish.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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RE: tape residue

It seems to be disolving relatively well with just olive oil (consulted a household hints book for removing stickers) but I am concerned about how the oil will affect the sanding and varnish application. Will denatured alcohol remove the oil film?   

RE: tape residue

   I'm pretty sure Dawn dishwashing liquid will dissolve (or at least soften) the tape residue and prep for varnish at the same time.

Hooper Williams

Brevard, NC

RE: tape residue

I've had good luck with vegetable oil as well.  Just DO NOT use it on unfinished wood.  Afterwards, washing it with warm soapy water and rinsing it is a good idea.

Removing packing tape residue from unfinished wood is a real bear.  Used acetone and a lot of elbow grease to remove it when I gor my CLC kit.  I wish they'd use something else.



RE: tape residue

Thanks for all of your input.

I have had some success by doing a light sanding with 120 grit paper. The remaining residue I rubbed off using a crepe block (the kind you use for cleaning sandpaper) and a moderate amount of elbow grease; it worked like a giant eraser.  

Back to the grind


RE: tape residue

I have had success with using olive oil and acetone together. The acetone breaks down the glue and the oil keeps it from sticking again. The acetone wont do any damage to the resin and leaves a clean finish for the varnish

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