Peeler Skiff Spray Rails

I have just turned my Peeler Skiff to start fiberglassing the exterior.  Along with that, the bottom skids (longitudinal stringers) are added at the same time.  Does anyone know if there is a reason not to also add the Spray Rails at this stage.  The instructions call for turning the boat right side up and then doing the Inwale and Outwale installation, then flipping the boat again for the Spray Rail installation.  Alot of flipping, which isn''t the easiest thing.  It seems to me that the spray rails could be installed at this stage.  Does anyone have a recommendation?



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RE: Peeler Skiff Spray Rails


We definitely installed the spray rails on my Peeler Skiff after applying the exterior glass and before flipping the boat rightside up again.  We also did all the exterior painting (except for masking the surface where we would be gluing the outwales) while the bottom was still up.

You're right, flipping the boat was the most difficult part of the build---but with a few of our family and friends, 350 lbs is not that much to turn over.  If you want to send me your email address through the Builders Club, I'd be happy to send construction photos.



RE: Peeler Skiff Spray Rails

 Good information Dick.

I built my Peeler build exactly how you described it.  No need for additional flips.

I might add that while fabricating the spray rails I found an error on page 95 of the builders manual.  The measurement in the book for the length of the rails is stated as "about 84 inches".  This length would put the screws in the forward section of the rails through the hull and not inside of the side floatation compartments.  My rails ended up being about 70 inches long and I have had no problems with spray climbing the sides of the boat.


RE: Peeler Skiff Spray Rails

Thanks for the input.  I'll do mine the way you guys have suggested.  Does anyone else have some input as to the spray rail length?  The full length rails will mount with the forward-most screw falling in front of the flotation tanks.  This seems to be a job for some thickened epoxy, unless there is some other reason not to go with the recommended length.

Thanks again,


RE: Peeler Skiff Spray Rails

My Peeler is upside down yet waiting for bottom paint. If I remember right, the 84" splash rail end screw came through the hull interior beyond the flotation tank but under the thwart front. I didn't catch it untill after the fact. I wish I would have read this post before hand.   

RE: Peeler Skiff Spray Rails

For the record, the forward screw of my spray rails poked through as well.  After the epoxy set, we just backed out the screw and filled the hole on both sides with epoxy and wood flour.


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