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I am finally putting the finish paint on my Skerry.  The name I've chosen is "Summer Breeze".  I've purchased vinyl lettering that is 3" tall. I am trying to decide where on the boat would be the best location for the name.  Given that this is a double ender boat and the sheer strake narrows  and sweeps up quite a bit toward the stern, I'm concerned that this may not be the best location.  Perhaps it would look better at the middle of the boat.  I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.


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RE: Boat name location

  'Midships on each side is a possibility. I don't know if the lettering would stick to sail fabric or perhaps on a pendent at the mast head like you see in old pictures of square riggers.

RE: Boat name location

   The sign maker here in Maine that cut and applied my TX registration numbers and boat name (on both sides) suggested midship for the name as being common for small boats.  I've also noticed that my fenders happen to come on each side of the name so they dont rub on the name.




RE: Boat name location

   I like the mid-ship location but was looking for some confirmation that wouldn't be a nautical faux-pas.  Thanks you both for your replies.


RE: Boat name location

   I do not think there is any required location for a boat/ships name. Some have the name on the bow and stern while others may only have the name on the stern. Alot will depend on length of the name and space available on the boat.

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