Fishing Pole Holder?

 Does anyone have any ideas of a fishing pole holder that looks good on a wood kayak? I cant bring myself to put a plastic one in on my build!

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RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

   I have been thinking about this myself. I'm not a big plastic person either but really no other choice but rubber. Yimi rods has a rubber rod holder that would work and that's what I am considering.


RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

 I see no reason why you could not build a wooden tube (use multiple beveled strips, glue inside and tape into "round" shape.  Then cut the bottom and top of the tube to suitable angles.  make a "flat" or slightly curved base to fit where you want it and glue them together. a filet or two, some fiber glass and epoxy for strength. slip some rubber inside and you have a rod holder.  Depending on where you want it you might be able to hide it inside the hull with only a hole showing.  Would collect water but I do not see that as a major problem.  

just brainstorming. Lets see what others come up with.

Ed.  Not a fisherman. Get bored after 3 minutes and start paddling.  maybe I should try a really short trolling rig so I could paddle and if the fish want to bite a 4 MPH hook I would be obligated to reel them in.



RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

My WD12's been towed by a 3-lb channel cat so make sure that whatever lives where you're trolling is not too big.



RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

   I live in FL and will most likely be towed by something in the Gulf!

RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

   I've always thought a nice piece of natural bamboo would compliment as a rod holder.  It grows wild around my parts but takes a long time to dry properly.  I've got a couple lengths going on two years to dry.

RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

I wanted a rod holder for my Wood Duck 10 hybdrid, but did not want a permanent rig that would mar the beauty of the boat's deck.

I tried a commercial clamp holder, but it didn't meet my needs for trolling plugs.  So I built a holder using PVC pipe, a big dowel inside, a metal c-clamp, some creative drilling and epoxy work.  I attach it to the forward cockpit coaming(padding the metal contact point) where it is in easy reach but sttraight up so that the line does not tinterfere with paddling.

Sometimes I will troll four miles; thus exercising while fishing.  I have caught dozens of striped bass and bluefish, including a 15 lb. blue that towed me Nantuckety style for a good quarter mile before he tired!

Combining two of my favorite activities is very rewarding and seldom boring.


RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

I built a removable wood shelf for my WD12, 1/4" oak, that attaches to the coambing with cotter pins.  Then I attached a rod holder to that. This way it is easy to remove when I won't be using it.  Ralph    

RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

For open water one might want to add at lease a compass  and maybe a GPS, but not a GPS without a compass.

There a moutning bars that can hold more than one device  or allow for the movement a device as needed.

RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

EdBru, NY wrote...

> I see no reason why you could not build a wooden tube...

On a 10' skiff I built a few years ago, I intend to cut a round hole in a stern seat and epoxy a wooden tube onto the bulkhead below the hole. As this is also a floatation compartment, the tube will be closed on the bottom, but I'll drill a small drain hole through the bulkhead to drain into the bilge. If it works well, I'll add one in the mid-ship seat too.


RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

  I built a second hatch cover with rod holders. Works well.



RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

   I live in Florida. I am a minimalist fisherman. I carry only one rod with a pocket of jig heads and a bag of Gulp shrimp.  I have rod holders behind the cockpit on two of my yaks. Rods in those holders get in the way of my deep long paddling strokes.  I normall just lay it down on the foredeck under one bundge at the butt of the rod near the reel. Rod holders on the front get in the way too. 

My normal fishing tactic is to paddle out on a flat upwind. Then drift the flat fishing the sand holes.  I keep one for dinner and let the others go.......and maybe dinner too.  Got to be in the mood for fish cleaning. 

There is a series of short rods that fit in the cockpit that I'll look for and post a link. 

Like a wade fisherman I have trolled by placing the rod in the straps of my PFD.  You have to be flexible to be a minimalist.  

RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

hello from a newbie to this forum, I am just completing three WD12's for my boys and I and I too am hesitant to add a permanent rod holder to the kayaks. Ralph, I really like your idea of a removable "shelf". After utilizing this over time, do you still reccomment it and do you have any hints or suggestions to improve upon any short comings?   


Thanks in advance for any ideas, sskif, your idea of a second hatch cover is very clever however not a good fit for me.



RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

   I have fished from my Chesapeake 17, caught and released about a 30 pound striper in the ocean,  that fish was my record, she gave me a nice Sleigh ride too!  I also rigged up my Kaholo 14 for fishing, but I would rather just paddle the SUP.  I agree that plastic is ugly.  That being said, use something removable for when you are not fishing.  While fishing you should be looking for fish, not at your rod holder.  I am finishing up my Peeler skiff and I have searched high and low for good rod holder ideas.  I finally settled on the Rail Blaza system.  I used Scotties on my kayak and SUP.  The advantage to both are they are removable and fully adjustable.  The Rail Blaza system is great because you can totally adjust angles, height, etc.  And when not using the rod holder the mount will hold a flag staff, running lights, GoPro camera, cell phone, GPS, whatever you want to plug in.  When not in use, all that shows is a cool little base.  And once you get over the plastic, the advantages are far greater than trying to make something out of wood only to find that when you mount it and use it you find out that it would be better angled a few degrees down or up.  Not worth the frustration.  They come in white and black.  All bought online or some West Marine stores carry both products lines.  And there is nothing worse than hooking up to a nice fish and losing a rod to the sea because your rod holder failed!  Good luck!

RE: Fishing Pole Holder?

   Tom, on my removable shelf (see earlier photo) I also built small wood holders on the underside on both sides, so that I can jam the shelf forward and it holds it to the combing. It can't move forward or pull out & with a cotter pin on one side it also can't come out backward.  I did cover the shelf with one layer of fiberglass & epoxy,  did not fill the weave in so left it textured.  I also embedded two strong magnets in the shelf under the epoxy to hold a hook or lure if I want.

I haven't used it much but it worked well when I did.  I used the smaller Berkeley rod holder, you can do a search for it on line. I was always nervous about the rod coming out of the holder & would use a ruber band to help secure it. 

My biggest problem was when landing the fish with a net and having the hook get tangled in the net.


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