Trimming the deck

I am building a mill creek 16.5 hybrid, and have just finished stripping the deck..when stripping, I let the ends of the strips in the cockpit area run wild, and now it is time to trim it flush to the carlins.  I am having trouble, however, and every time i try to cut, my saw ends up going right into the carlins and not along the endge like i want..does anyone have any tips/tricks for getting this to work properly?

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RE: Trimming the deck

We like to use a router with a flush trim bit:



You can also use a saber saw with a metal-cutting bit (to minimize chipping), cut a little wide, and plane it flush.

Sharp pullsaws are an elegant way to do it but require patience and practice.



RE: Trimming the deck

   I went slow and carefully with a fine blade on a saber saw and made sure I cut wide of the mark. I had some problems with vibration...the unfiberglassed strips are fragile along the end grain at the front and back of the I made sure to keep the saw tight against the wood. I then went back with a rounded spokeshave, a sharp chisel and also hand sanded until I got to the line. 

At a couple of points, my strips came unglued due to the vibration from the saw but I was able to pop them back and glue them in place with some tape. It all worked out, and it all gets much stronger once you glass it and attach the combing.

 This part of the project is pretty touchy, since it's something that really affects the look of the kayak. Take your time. Good luck.

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