glassing and sanding

I'm in the process of building my first boat ( a Peeler Skiff) and have never worked with epoxy or fiberglass.

The first big glassing step is the interior of the bottom.  I followed the directions and after the glass was layed and epoxied using a plastic trowell and foam roller I rolled out a second coat of epoxy the following day.

After the second coat had dried the surface was still somewhat rough to the touch with the glass weave telegraphing through the epoxy. (I had no grey or light spots on the first coat and the job went well.)

My question is this.... Can I sand at this point or do I need to completely fill the weave with a third coat and then sand?

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RE: glassing and sanding

Sounds like you are well on your way :)


What you need to insure is when you sand in prep for for varnish/paint that you weave is completely covered with epoxy. You want to avoid sanding into the weave. If the weave is too close to the surface you will damage the weave during the sanding. 

Do not panic if you do sand a little into the weave in spots. It is virtually impossible to avoid since it will not be a "true" level surface.  A few spots no problem. If large area it will weaken the substrate.


I built a ceadar strip some years back and the plan called for not completely filling the weave. I then varnished over with a UV rated satin varnish "Coma Brnice"

The result was a satin non skid surface. Has held up for 15 years and going strong.


I love the Peeler keep us posted with a couple of pics!  R U going to install the new center console?  I think it looks fantastic.

Enjoy the build!! It is the best part of the trip!



RE: glassing and sanding

Thanks for the help.  I added a third layer of epoxy that filled the weave and sanded yesterday.  It turned out great and I did not sand through any glass.

My Peeler is the standard design, sans the center console.  I too think the center consolelooks great.  Maybe next time.

RE: glassing and sanding

When working with fiberglass you can sand as many times as you want as long as the fiberglass has dried. I would recommend going to, they working with fiberglass and can proovide you with hints or great service. :) Hope this helps    

RE: glassing and sanding

If you sand too often you will cut into the glass. If it's still bumpy enough to need sanding, you may need to apply more epoxy first to fill in the low spots so you won't get into the glass.

The link above is a fiberglass powerboat sales and repair place, not at all useful for advice on how to build a Peeler. They don't tell you how to do anything except fill out a form requesting information about repair services. That post is either a mistake or an attempt to increase that company's search engine presence by being referred by CLC.

If you want real information, it's right here onthe CLC site in the "Tips for Boatbuilders" section.



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