Dory Lug rig, just confirming tapers for spars

the instructions for the lug rig specifies that the boom and yard will be tapered down in the last 20 inches on both ends. I am assuming this is an equal taper on all sides. sounds like a silly question but I assume it makes a difference regarding how the sails were built. were the lug rig sails built with the design that the ends of those spars would be tapered away from the sail? Had I not seen that instruction I would have assumed the edges of the spars would be straight where they meet the sail. That question does not pertain to the mast (where the directions very clearly state to taper all sides) since the lug sail is not attached to the mast so that shape has no impact on the sail shape.


sorry, I grew up sailing a larger boat and a big part of my job was to make sure the mast shape was adjusted with all kinds of things for shaping the mainsail, so the impact of a spar's shape (even little changes) on sail shape is a big thing for me. With the size of these sticks it may not matter much, or more likely, the sail design already relfects these tapers (taking out a bit of depth out of the belly of the sail which the end tapers will then add back, so the sail design depends on making the tapers on the edge of the sail).


any help?




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RE: Dory Lug rig, just confirming tapers for spars

If the sail is rigged loose footed, the taper of the boom will obviously not be a factor at all. But lug sails are always laced to their yards.

In theory, the head of the sail should be straight when it is laced to the yard. In practice, however, lug yards are quite slender, and will take up quite a bend when the boat is sailing. So the amount of spar bend will be a much larger factor in sail shape than the subtle amounts of taper built into the ends of the yard. But if it concerns you, it is easier to just loosen the lacing slightly near the throat and the clew, rather than worrying about which way an asymmetrical taper might end up facing.

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RE: Dory Lug rig, just confirming tapers for spars

thanks, wont sweat it.  

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