fillet and glass tape

I'm building a Peeler Skiff and wondering about the fillets and glass tape. I've talked with some builders and they prefer to do the fillet and let it cure and then sand it before they put the epoxy and glass tape on. They say it leaves the fillet undisturbed and much neater.  Any comments. Thanks.

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RE: fillet and glass tape

I started out applying glass tape while the fillets were still soft, and some of the fillets got deformed. Then I tried letting the fillets cure hard and sanding before adding the tape. Too much extra work, and you lose the "stronger" wet-on-wet primary bond, although I don't think that matters much for these boats.

My practice now is to let the fillets cure until they are firm but not hard, and then apply tape. That gives me a nice looking job, without the nasty sanding.

Old Yeller 

RE: fillet and glass tape

Your method makes alot of sense, thanks very much.

RE: fillet and glass tape

you pretty much have 20 to 24 hours after you do the fillets to lay your tape without sanding.  You will still get the chemical bond.  Just make sure the fillets are nice and firm so they dont lose their shape.  working on weekends and nights on my projects sometimes the 24 hour or 6 hours later just doesnt work out.  So sanding is necessary.  Thats why its good to do smaller sections at a time.  It is also easier to glass and wet out something that is nice and firm.


RE: fillet and glass tape

I agree with the posts above. A wet on wet application is by far the best way. An old fiberglassing guy told me it gives it a better bond and more strength. Depending on how big your fillets are will determine the amount of time you'll need to wait before applying the tape of course. For smaller jobs I apply it immediately and can work out most deformations I cause. For the bigger jobs make sure your fillet puddy or peanut butter is thick and doesn't drip at all off your mixing stick. This will shorten the time you have to wait. Good luck! 

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