Ok now I did it

I think I added a tad too much catalyst to my resin and now two weeks later though the hull is dry, its tacky just a bit. When I sand it guns up the sandpaper. It was a finishing coat for exposed sanded cloth . What are my options? I intended on painting today but that's on hold of course.




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RE: Ok now I did it

Gums not guns.



RE: Ok now I did it

  Hi Pete,

  I cringed while reading your post an feel your pain. My thoughts are to scrape off what you can and use solvents to rid the boat of the last coat, using denatured alcohol liberally may work with some of those abrasive stripping pads. I had something similar happen to a counter top once and it was an ugly process but in the end all of the gunk came off.  I would not use heat for fear of loosening cured coats underneath the mess.

  Wish I had something inspirational to say right now, live and learn eh? Good luck!

RE: Ok now I did it

If the surface is relativley smooth yet tacky I would add another layer of cloth and squeegy a new coat of un thickened epoxy on top ( with the correct ratio mix ) and then wait for it to dry. Sand off any major runs and dribbles and then do it again. At this point you should have a thick enough base surface to sand to get it ready for painting.

Yes its bloody annoying and time consuming, yes it adds a little extra weight to the boat but think of the extra strength the hull now has..

good luck. believe me, I've been there. 

RE: Ok now I did it

NO, don't add anything if the existing coat has not cured when you're certain it should have. It must be removed, because if it is the result of the wrong ratio, or inadequate mixing, it will NEVER cure. Scraping followed by a good rubdown with denatured alcohol is what's usually recommended.

Old Yeller 

RE: Ok now I did it

Lacquer thinner is the other solvent I was trying to think of, for cleaning the surface after scraping. Use with plenty of ventilation. Good luck.

Old Yeller

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