epoxy dust removal


I'm sanding in preparation for my next coating of epoxy on the deck.  The weave is still very exposed on the hull, while it's pretty much filled on the hull.  The boat has a white haze due to the sanding, and I was wondering how critical it is to get the dust off.  Some of the white is sanding scratches (which I assume the next epoxy coating will fill), but some is fine dust that even the vacuum didn't take off.  How worried about this do I need to get? Should I wipe with a damp rag or just recoat?

Also - this is between epoxy coats, so I used pretty coarse sandpaper (80 grit) in a random orbital sander.  Is there any reason to go finer than this betwen epoxy coats?

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RE: epoxy dust removal

I wiped with a rag wet with mineral spirits between coats, then a quick once-over with a tack-cloth. That seemed to clean it up nicely. 

RE: epoxy dust removal

Don't use tack cloth.


I use a bit of denatured alcohol on a good rag to wipe down between coats. 


RE: epoxy dust removal

Sorry, I did mean denatured alcohol myself. 

RE: epoxy dust removal

Definitely denatured alcohol.

RE: epoxy dust removal

Thanks- denatured alcohol it is.. I love it when there's consensus!

RE: epoxy dust removal

You will find unless you have drips and runs.. 150 grt is aggessive enough.

Try usning HIGH quality 220 disks you will find it will do a great job without removing excessive epoxy.


RE: epoxy dust removal

I would also join the chorus endorsing the use of LOTS of QUALITY sandpaper, and also doing the sanding by hand -- it really doens't take much more time vs. using a power tool, and you get a much better feel and are far less likely to sand too much off.

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