SW Sport Hybrid Form#6

A quick question about form #6. My original SWH kit arrived and somehow deck form #6 was not included. I did not discover this until I was ready to use the forms and unwrapped them from the bundle.

CLC immediately sent me this form. (Thank you!) While it clearly has the right dimensions I believe that there probably should be a hole somewhere in this form near the top curvature into which the deck form would fit. The deck form has the shape in front that confirms this notion.

Without such a hole the spacing will be off. Since the manual does not specifically depict the SWH in many pictures but rather shows the principle and concepts applicable to all Shearwaters I cannot see this on any of the pictures.

If anyone building the SWH could confirm that indeed there should be a hole in form #6 and if so, how far below the top it should be located I would appreciate it.

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RE: SW Sport Hybrid Form#6

I checked my SW Sport Hybrid forms (not quite there yet on my build), and the form #6 does not have any hole or notch in it, like forms 7,8 and 9.

I see what you mean about the shape of the longitudinal cokpit form where it would abut the form # 6.  Hmmm... not sure.  Anyone else.

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RE: SW Sport Hybrid Form#6

Thanks Hickory for your quick feedback!

The way I see it, it is either cutting the cockpit form off by the thickness of deck form#6 and then abutting the two or else cutting a hole into #6 and then fitting the cockpit form front end into it. It sure looks like the latter option was intended - why else make the cockpit form in front of #7 longer than the foot distance to the next form.

Chestnut gravy sounds great!!!

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RE: SW Sport Hybrid Form#6

Hey Guys,

I've just placed the forms for my Shearwater Sport Hybrid and my form #6 does not have a hole in it...I just butted the longitudinal cockpit spacer up next to it...I'm not sure that it is critical to fit any closer than that...

That spacer arrived broken and I've glued it twice and it still is prone to breakage (particle board - yeech!).

My boat kit was missing form #14 so I made one (modeled on form #1).

My forms don't seem to fit exactly right in the cockpit area and I used door shims (angled wood pieces) to make them fit tighter.

I gather that the cedar strips will be butted up against the cockpit coaming and attached with a drop of wood glue on the end of each strip....I'm going to call CLC to confirm that.

I also can't figure out from the manual how to scarf the cedar strips....I joined the first few strips with a 6" long longitudinal cut...lots of glue area for holding power but less exact and harder than just a horizontal scarf at the end of each strip...any ideas what is best?

Big MO



RE: SW Sport Hybrid Form#6

I received a call today from David at CLC who informed me that indeed, form #6 was supposed to have a hole in the center to accept the cockpit form. Apparently, the CNC machine did not read the code correctly and did not cut that hole. David told me that he was able to fix this glitch for future orders of this kit. 

in the meantime, those with an "unholy" form #6 could either cut the hole themselves or cut off the front-most part of the cockpit form and then simply butt it up against form #6.



RE: SW Sport Hybrid Form#6

Hey Chris,

I called CLC (David) today and mentioned the Form 6 question and he told me the same thing.  He also gave me several other good tips.  One tip is to look at the 88 photos in the Construction Gallery for the Shearwater 16 Hybrid (not the Sport).... photos 10-13 answered my questions about scarf joints. 

I also found a great video of a guy building a Shearwater Sport Hybrid on You Tube.  There is a 4 minute version and a 9:51 version...search under "The Art of Making a Kayak" and/or Shearwater Sport hybrid keep looking until you find the longer version.  I paused it and studied the cockpit apron layout and it was helpful. 


Kerry Sturgis


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