When best to "drill fill drill"

For efficiency I would like to"drill fill drill" all the holes at one time in my SW 17 .

When is the best stage to do this before varnish or after varnish? As part of the first skimcoat step?

I realize the hole area will be covered by some fastener, strap or other. 




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RE: When best to "drill fill drill"

I do it before the varnish, insert a small straw to keep the varnish out of the hole.  A straw with the side split will roll nicely into any hole.

You could seperate the first drill by varishing after the fill.


My process:

Drill a hole larger by at least two sizes than you need.  Try to keep the hole upwards.

Tape back side

Fill with wood sawdust thickened epoxy, let cure.  I like using the small syringe applicator.  If one is not available, a small plastic bag with the corner nipped will apply the epoxy where you want it.

Allow to cure.

Varnish 1 to 2 coats, drill out, insert straw, finish varnish, removing straw between coats.

A concave dip will appear - leave it.  Use this to center the drill bit

Drill with desired bit.

RE: When best to "drill fill drill"

Great process. Now I have to layout my rigging plan!




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