Cocktain Class: Screwing Bottom Panels to Sawhorses

Though it says in the manual there will be guide holes indicating correct placement for screws in this step, (page 39) my panels have none (and I checked both sides...).  Can anyone tell me how to determine where these holes should go?  IT seems sure that if they are not properly done the shape of the hull might be compromised.  Thanks!

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RE: Cocktain Class: Screwing Bottom Panels to Sawhorses

Our holes were about 1/8" in diameter, located roughly 4 1/2" out from the keel line and 1" to 1 1/4" in front of Frame 1.  We let the screws find their own holes in the blocks you screw into.  We found it easier to drive the screws in by holding our drill behind Frame 1, driving the screws with the drill's chuck going through the hole in Frame 1.  That's slightly different than shown on the bottom picture of page 39.  This helped to hold the bottom panels forward aganst the bow stem as we were wiring all the pieces together.  We drove both screws into their blocks before carefully tightening them, alternating from side to side to bring both bottom panels down to the external frame, together.

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