Skerry Skeg

We're getting inconsistent feedback regarding the installation of the wormshoe on bottom of the Skerry skeg.  To glue or not to glue?  To brad or to screw?  To install at all?  The wormshoe is supposed to be easily removed, yet with two coats of epoxy over the surface and final multiple paint layers I wonder how easy it will be to remove, whether glued or not?  Our use will be mostly sandy beaches.  Thanks.  Bob

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RE: Skerry Skeg

I glued mine and used brads to hold it in place.  My boat was launched in 2004 and gets regular use including landings on rocks and sand.  I do keep the hull paint looking good, but I can't say I see a lot of wear on the wormshoe.  In fact I see almost no wear there at all.  I do get scratches near the bow and near the middle of the boat along the bottom edge.  That's where we see contact either from drifting in to a landing, or stepping in and out. 

My guess is that in your situation you will see very little wear and your wormshoe will last a long, long time, so I wouldn't worry about making it easy to remove.

Having said that, if you did want to take it off I suspect a heat gun will allow you to get it off even if you do glue it.

- Bob 

RE: Skerry Skeg

I keep my Skerry at a sailing club and I launch it from a cement ramp. My skeg wormshoe has in fact been quite strongly hit a couple of times and actually wore through the epoxy. I repainted it but I'm glad it is replaceable.

Some day I figure I will have to take it off and actually put another one on. I plan to simply grind it off with really coarse sandpaper 40-60 grit.

I guess you just have to figure out what conditions you will be facing.


RE: Skerry Skeg

Thanks folks, I appreciate the tips.   Think I'll glue and brad.  Best, Bob

RE: Skerry Skeg

   At what point in the finishing stages should the wormshoe be attached?


Stan McMillen

RE: Skerry Skeg

   Stan, it doesn't really matter but it's easier to get it out of the way as soon as the skeg filets are cured. 

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