Wood Duck 10 Launched!!!

I launched my Wood Duck 10 today.  It glides through the water perfectly.  This is my second boat in 2 years to the week. 

85 hours build time over 5 months.  Interlux brightsides "hatteres off white" on the bottom.  RustOleum Topside "deep green" for the stripe.  Epifanes varnish=4 coats so far.  Omitted the rear deck hatch for a clean look by leaving the bulkhead out until after taping the deck/hull joint.

Pictures on the link below.  Hope you enjoy looking at them.  I cant wait to paddle it again.



If there is any other CLC boaters from Indiana that would like to paddle together sometime send me a message.

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RE: Wood Duck 10 Launched!!!


The Duck looks GREAT!!!

I would like to get together with Ted and see if we could come visit you with our kayaks.  I would like to see your Zip boat and talk about airplanes too.

Have a blast with the new kayak !!!


RE: Wood Duck 10 Launched!!!


Very nice. I hope you don't mind, but I linked one of your pictures to this reply because I think that everyone should see how nicely your boat turned out, especially the way the sapele grain olays against the okoume and the flat white.  It would have never occurred to me to go with a white bottom, but aestheticallyit works really well. Well done.

Welcome to the fleet,


RE: Wood Duck 10 Launched!!!

Good for you, CHRIS.  She is LOVELY.  I went with the black graphite bottom and even get people passing in cars giving me (OK, maybe it is DAFFY DUCK; my WD-12) the thumbs up!!!!   GREAT job & I extend my welcome as well....    ~BRUCE~

RE: Wood Duck 10 Launched!!!

Thanks guys for the comments.  Laszlo, I dont mind at all.  Thats my favorite pic for the same reason.

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