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Hey gang.   I have a Wood Duck-12.  I purchased a skirt from CLC and it, of course, fits well.  I wanted a half-skirt, not available thru CLC. 

We have had a blog subject addressing half skirts recently.  So, for those of you interested, today I bought a 'Spray Deck', made by SEALS  (www.sealsskirts.com).  They have two sizes and the smaller size fits the Wood Duck-12 PERFECTLY.  It has a bow(Crown) and a zipper pouch on top.  Retails for $39.95.  Highly recommended.  

SIDE NOTE, since I "put" drip rings on my Greenland paddle, I had NO WATER enter the cockpit due to paddle piddeling !!!!!   ~BRUCE~

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RE: Spray Skirts...

Thanks for the heads-up, Bruce. I followed your link and found a bit more data. The actual page for the splash deck is http://www.sealsskirts.com/prod_sr_splashdeck.html . They have sizes listed for CLC boats, the WD series is size 2.5. For that one needs to order the Splash Deck (not the Splash Deck X). The stock color is black. It's also available in royal blue, red, gray, golden gate, yellow and camo as custom colors. 

Thanks again for the detective work and the pointer.


RE: Spray Skirts...

Great info guys. I have a WD 14 and with the bigger cockpit than the 12 I wondered if they have a size that will fit the 14. Any info you can provide on that? Perhaps the larger size would work?


RE: Spray Skirts...

Hey RH.  The kayak shop I went to has two sizes.  The smaller skirt fit the Wood Duck 12 perfectly.  The larger one was way to big so I'm guessing it would fit fine.  If you are ordering on line, check with thenm to see if they would apply a refund if it did NOT fit.   Good luck !!!   ~BRUCE~

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