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Delighted to have your boats for sale here on the site. There seems to be a lot of traffic and rapid turnover.  Make sure you click on the right page for listing your boat, though:  it's the Homebuilt Boat Bazaar, and the link is right at the top of this forum. 

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RE: Boats for Sale

The boat was built from Chesapeake Light Craft kit. There is plenty of information on their web site about boat, the time to complete and the total cost of kit, Piantedosi Row Wing sliding seat and the beautiful Dreher CARBON fiber paddles.

A little back story: Boat was built by dear friend who sadly developed parkinson's.  Kevin was an accomplished violin marker and restorer, fine wood worker and artist. Because of illness, Kevin, lost his home on the water, tools and all of his possessions. The only thing left was the hand built by Kevin Annapolis Wherry which he ask me to look after. I have for many years. Thanks to special Doctors & a miraculous new procedure of deep electrical wire implants in brain, Kevin is out of nursing home and living independent. Kevin had the opportunity to row his boat one last time, pictured. A special day.

I too am an avid rower and owned an Adirondack tandem Rowing Wherry. Because of failing knees I recently sold. For Kevin it is the realization of not being able to row because of condition. I know boats and maintained Kevin's special boat over the years. There are very minor paint / touch ups but by no means affects the beauty or function.

It is ready to enjoy now throughout the season and for life.


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