CLC's Japanese Dealership

No word yet from Norihiko Kanai, who has been our agent in Japan since the mid 1990's.  He's in Kamakura City, south of Tokyo and near Yokohama.  That's pretty far from Sendai, and his home and shop are on high ground. 

Here's Kamakura.

His most recent post on his busy and interesting boatbuilding blog was last Thursday, March 10, where we see Kanai-san helping a young couple launch a Chesapeake 17LT.  

Not sure where he keeps his PocketShip.  Somewhere on the water.  It might be matchsticks now;  maybe it's on the opposite coast.

SO, I'm glad to say that I only do this rarely:  use my Heap Big Forum Chief privileges to point you to a cause:

PLEASE donate towards disaster relief in Japan at the American Red Cross.  Five dollars, fifty dollars, whatever.  I timed it;  took me just over a minute to make a donation.   


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RE: CLC's Japanese Dealership

We made our donation yesterday. Thanks for bring this up on the forum John. I'm sure the link will be helpfull for all wanting to help 

RE: CLC's Japanese Dealership

From Ram Ikeuchi, who translates our exchanges with Kanai-san:

"Thank you for your Mail.  Kanai ask me to give reply to you that
Kanai is safe and we appreciate your thoughts.  Still Shake coming daily
3-4 times even in our area. Tsunami attack the nuclear power plants getting
worse every day.  Things not well because of lost power of Electric.  Hoping To get back to normal but we need time.  We deeply appreciated to US citizens
Sending troops and air Craft carrier of Ronald Reagan help us lots.
Thank you,
Best Regards,
Ram Ikeuchi"

Norihiko Kanai
12-32 Shichiriga-Hama-I-Chome
Kamakura City
JAPAN 248-0026

Phone: 0467-31-3745
Fax: 0467-32-9867





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