Epoxy over prekote primer

I am a first time builder working on a Northeaster Dory.  After 3 coats of epoxy on the jull and lots of sanding, I just put on my first two coats of primer on the hull.  What I thought was a smooth hull turns out to have some indentations and even some small holes in the epoxy near the puzzle joints and in the epoxy between the laps.

 Since these imperfections are too great for the primer to fill is is OK to roll on a a thin layer of epoxy on these particular area, let it cure and then sand the entire hull before going on to paint or do I need to sand off all of the primer in these areas first?


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RE: Epoxy over prekote primer

Epoxy over paint will not have the usual epoxy grip. It will only stick as well as the paint under it. If you want a permanent fix you have to take the paint off before filling in the low areas. 

RE: Epoxy over prekote primer

Check with the  primer & epoxy manufacturers. Some are compatible. System 3's 2-part high build Yacht Primer is compatible with their Silvertip epoxy. I was in exactly the situation that you mentioned and was able to simply fill it in with epoxy/microballoon mix, sand it down and add more primer.

BTW, it you're going to be painting, use a microballoon mix. It's cheaper, lighter and fills holes better than just epoxy. Its color is a hideous purple, so you can't use it under varnish, but it's perfect for under paint.



RE: Epoxy over prekote primer

Thanks Laszlo.  That is really helpful advice.



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