Re: Feathercraft rudder

Posted by theo on Jan 17, 2008

It's a Ches 18, it has the vertical "skeg-like" stern. I wondered if there would be enough "meat" to hang the pintle as the rudder is right up to the stern and the pintle touches the ply both sides. Yeah I can see me "beefing it up" a bit, it isn't overkill if it saves the boat from major repairs or leaves you boatless out in the boonies. helps if one dosn't take the ugly stick to the boat too. Yes, I'll likely shape up a block of ash set into the stern and drown it in the end pour. Was just thinking... how about drill/fill/drill the rudder gudgeon hole using an epoxy/graphite fill for lubrication? Yes, I have a set of foot rest/rudder controls, slider type. thanx Dick

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