Re: Feathercraft rudder

Posted by Dick on Jan 16, 2008

In answer to your last question, the standard way to install a Feathercraft rudder is to drill a hole for the pivot-pin in the epoxy end-pour. But beware, make sure that the end of the kayak has enough "beef", that is, that it is wide enough to have strength. If you are still building the boat, you might put a 3/4" piece of wood at the end between the two side panels to give you a mildly blunt tail with some width to it. I probably did an over-kill by putting a stainless-steel tube deck-to-keel into the end-pour to accept the rudder pivot. This after the pivot breaking through the side of the boat during an upside down surf landing.

I did not see in your list of parts the foot-operated rudder-control slider. You will need that!

Good luck, happing kayaking!

In Response to: Feathercraft rudder by theo on Jan 10, 2008