Re: Storage of semi made

Posted by Ron Paro on Jan 2, 2008

Hi James,

How cold is your garage? Even though the epoxy is dry, it generally takes a few days or more to fully cure. This does not mean that you cannot move your hull to a colder area. It just means that it will take longer for a full cure. I built my boat in a shop that was not heated all of the time, and the temperature often fell below freezing. I did keep things warm for a few days after doing epoxy work, but let it go cold for up to two weeks in between work sessions. In the end, it worked out well. It is important to keep the epoxy jugs warm, and to warm-up the wood parts prior to applying epoxy.

Any kind of light that throws off heat will help. I use a small portable electric heater.

In Response to: Storage of semi made kit by James Abell on Jan 1, 2008