Re: Storage of semi made

Posted by Jim E on Jan 3, 2008

Ijn answer to your first question, if it's been inddors for 24 hours, it5 should be safe to move it. We kayak builders often pick up our hulls and flip them over after less time.

Will it cure in the chilly garage or shed? If memory servers, The usual rule of thumb is that epoxy cure time doubles for every 10 degrees (f) drop in temperature. I should think a fan heater would be overkill, but a tent-and-bulb approach might work well. Put the board on sawhorses with some sort of spacer on top, drape a polythene sheet over it, and put a 50W or 100W lamp under the resulting tent. If you can measure the temperature inside, that would be a bonus. I use one of those indoor/outdoor thermometers from a garden supply place. It has a remote sensor on the end of a wire. Or just feel the wood with your hand. It's actually quite hard to overheat epoxy. Make sure there are no wood shavings or any other ignitable stuff near the hot bulb.

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